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The Semi-Annual Newsletter

Brought to you by Glory Insurance Group

Happy Spring!

2012 has arrived and is in full swing! Spring typically brings feelings of new, fresh starts and positive changes. With great optimism we anticipate new opportunities, new relationships and new chances to maintain and build upon the success of the present year. We dream about change in our economy, our financial future, and change in our health and overall wellness.Yet, to affect real change we have to be realistic about our goals and take action to overcome the obstacles that prevent us from achieving them.

 I’m pleased to share this newsletter and our new website at with you to keep in touch and pass along a few helpful tips.  Please give me a call if you would like to discuss any of your insurance needs. Also, if you have questions regarding ways you can build your retirement assets or set up an effective retirement income flow, I can assist you. If you haven’t scheduled an annual review yet, I encourage you to give me a call or Book an appointment! to make sure all your goals are on track!

From my insured home to yours,

 Michelle Morris


Life Insurance Benefits..Did you know??

So you think you know life insurance. Yes, it still provides money for your family should you die unexpectedly.

But, did you know that there are life insurance policies and riders that can do this?

  • At a certain duration, return all of the premiums you paid for the insurance – guaranteed?
  • Accumulate money for retirement or any other purpose, with interest credits based upon a domestic or international stock market index, with protection from index declines?
  • Provide a steady retirement income that is 100% free of income taxes?
  • Provide a monthly benefit to you should you become sick or injured and be unable to work for an extended period of time?
  • Pay a large lump sum benefit if you suffer a heart attack or stroke, or are diagnosed with cancer?

Yes, life insurance has probably come a long way since you last looked at it. The life insurance industry has firmly entered the twenty-first century and is working hard to earn your business.

**For a free life insurance consultation please call us at 702-616-0889; email OR get a quote directly from our website at 


News You Can Use...!

Are you looking for extra cash for the Spring? Check out this website  to see if you or your loved ones have ANY unclaimed money!

Video Contest
Glory Insurance Group is having it's first Video Testimonial Contest. Please submit a video including all the reasons you LOVE being a client at Glory Insurance Group to win a $50 restaraunt gift card of YOUR CHOICE! Please send your submissions to prior to 8/1/2012 for consideration!

Check out our new site at!

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